About Us

The Farnham Dudgeon Civic Center was named in honor of Farnham Dudgeon (February 16, 1912 - January 23, 1985) in recognition of his principal role in the development of the Capital Plaza. Dudgeon was a driving force behind the complex throughout it's conception, construction, and completion.

About UsAs mayor, city commissioner and leading supporter of numerous other civic efforts, Dudgeon dedicated his life to the betterment of this community.

At the Convention Center, many accommodations and services are available for those interested in holding conventions, meetings, sporting events, parties and training programs.

The arena is 10,000 square feet, with a ceiling height of 34'-2". The ceiling allows easy placement of signs, banners, and stage lighting. The arena can accommodate fifty-five 10' x 10' booths, 800 people banquet style, 5,365 people for sporting events, and 5,047 people for concerts or assemblies.

In addition to the arena, conference rooms are available which can hold from 10 to 200 people.

Catering is available from our list of approved vendors and a prep kitchen is available for their use.

Electric, security, plumbing, event catering and parking service are available. Virtually all of your needs can be satisfied by our experienced staff and skilled preferred providers.