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How New Dampers Can Increase The Efficiency Of A Heating System

Dampers are devices that are very useful and are essential parts of a system. The most common use for devices like this is when it is installed in industrial applications and in HVAC system projects. At most, devices and supplies like this are applied and installed in vents to help in air flow management and keep the ventilation working efficiently. It may sound simple but dampers in fact actually contribute a lot in keeping the efficient functionality of your industrial and HVAC system.

How is a damper useful in an HVAC system?

First let us define what an HVAC system. HVAC is a simple abbreviation that stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. HVAC can easily be found at homes and is the system set up responsible for keeping our indoor conditions safe and what keeps the indoor atmosphere of your rooms and different indoor areas comfortable. HVAC systems are more than heater, exhaust fans and vents, or air conditioning units. Okay, so now that we know what HVAC systems are, where does dampers fit in all of this?

A damper is a device that fits in air vents that you have set up around your home. They are devices that have and use adjustable blades that can open and close either manually or automatically in a programmed software or setup. The opening and closing of the adjustable blades are what helps to regulate the airflow in the vents. A damper can also be placed within ducts and between rooms. Some of these devices can even be used or between the outside and inside of a building in order to be more efficient when it comes to regulating temperatures in an HVAC system set up.

The importance of having a damper in an HVAC system

Now that we have tackled the purpose of a damper in a heating or cooling system. Is it really important and necessary to be having these devices in your heating and cooling set ups? The answer, of course, is yes. Adding these damping devices will help your entire system perform more effectively and efficiently since a damper can help direct the flow of cool air and hot air to exactly where they needed to be. These devices can even get the air to flow in a laminar and calm manner. These helps you avoid the unnecessary heating and cooling of areas of your home that are not currently being used or occupied which is wasteful in energy costs.

HVAC Components With Swiss Precision: Belimo

The use of HVAC systems nowadays seems to be inevitable especially to business establishments. It would be hard for workers to do their work and perform well if they don’t feel comfortable within the working area. The best way to beat the heat of the summer is to install an air conditioning system while on cold weather, it is necessary that you have a heating system. This is also something that homeowners need for them to feel relaxed at home. 

Where to Get the Best HVAC Components

With the gaining popularity of HVAC systems, the demand is also high thus increasing the numbers of companies where you can get the systems. On the other hand, not all of these companies can provide you with quality products. Of course, you would surely want to pay for something that could last for a longer period of time and can also provide you with all the features you need. So when it comes to HVAC components, Belimo is a company that you can trust. Listed below are some important facts that you should know about them.

– They are considered the leader of the production, marketing, and development of actuator solutions for HVAC systems. 

– They have a good reputation and can guarantee impressive innovation thus resulting to high ROIC.

The products offered by Belimo help people make the most out of their HVAC systems without worrying too much about maintenance. They value energy efficiency, comfort, maintenance, ease of installation, and safety of their clients. If you are wondering what are included in the HVAC components, then here are some of the examples. 


This is considered to be one of the major parts of the HVAC system. The role of this component is to produce heated air through solar energy, heat pump, electric resistance, and combustion. 

Evaporator coil

If the furnace gives of heated air, the evaporator coil cools the air which is essential during hot climate. You can find this in the exterior of the furnace.

Heat exchanger

This is activated as the furnace runs. It is responsible in regulating heated air and you can find it inside the furnace.


It triggers the function of the evaporate coil-condensing unit or the heat exchanger to cool or keep the air warm. You can control the indoor temperature by making adjustments.

Condensing unit

This is known to be the HVAC system’s heart and contains refrigerant gas.


This component distributes the cooled or heated air all over your house. You can control it manuall whether you want a warm or cold indoor temperature.