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How Are Home And Commercial HVAC Systems Different?

HVAC or heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system is now one of the most important systems we need on both commercial and residential structures. Proper ventilation and air circulation are not only essential for comfort but also for the health of everyone in the room. Recirculated air always gives problems, especially if you have allergies and lung problems. You might get in contact with a disease if the air could not circulate well.

So we use the HVAC system on both our homes and commercials facilities. But what is the difference between the commercial HVAC systems and residential HVAC? We will find out more about this in this article.

What is the Residential HVAC System?

A residential HVAC system runs on simple units. It is usually run by simple air-conditioning systems like inverters and heaters, which is run by a single thermostat. It works by allowing the warm air to pass through its evaporator coils. The refrigerant liquid would then be vaporized and converts it back into cool air. This cold gas will cool the air by absorbing heat. The cold air will then be distributed through the ducts, coming out from the vents inside your home and conditions the air.

What is a Commercial HVAC System?

The commercial HVAC system is much larger than the residential HVAC. It is used in industrial facilities like restaurants, offices, buildings, large enterprises, businesses, and more. It’s a broader and robust that it has lots of components and large parts in it. The HVAC system for commercial facilities is mostly focused on providing ventilation coming from the outside air. The air passes through its air handling units, usually located on top of the building. The air passes through various filters and components before it enters every room in the facility.

The HVAC system is operated by multiple Air Handling Units that allow outside air to enter the facility. It is also controlled by a multifunctional thermostat that controls various temperatures in different rooms.

The difference between commercial and residential HVAC

The stark difference between commercial and residential HVAC is the size of the units. This is the first obvious thing you can see between the two. Residential HVACs are smaller than the commercial ones. Also, commercial HVACs have lots of components and various parts. These parts help control and regulate the airflow within to ensure that the air is not recirculated, and the entire area in the facility is properly ventilated.